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Denture Liner Kit

The Denture Liner Kit, with Acryline 2, is a temporary soft liner material that provides a firm custom fit without having to spend extra money for an expensive Dentist visit!

One application is enough to apply to your upper and lower dentures.
Each package includes two applications.

  • Extremely Easy Application for a comfortable fit!
  • Long lasting formula
  • No sore spots like other denture liners
  • No oozing of leaking
  • Tasteless and non-toxic, no zinc or harmful additives
  • Avoid thousands in costly dentist visits

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My dentures were becoming uncomfortable and the fit was loose. I just applied Acryline 2 denture liner and they fit like new!
It was super easy to apply and I keep a spare package in my purse and at the office I’d recommend you give this a try – Julia

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Reline your Denture Liner Kit using Acryline® 2

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